Identifying and attracting the talent that will transform an organization is a core requirement for success in today’s global marketplace. Competition is high, and existing resources are often not enough to balance the amount of traction needed to gain a true competitive advantage. The top firms in the world today struggle with talent acquisition in many different capacities, but one word remains on the lips of top HR executives: leadership.
Leadership is a core element in unveiling the true potential of any organization. A leader will not only drive the strategy for the firm but will be able to quickly cast aside any doubt or trouble projected onto the C-Suite from competing forces. A leader will ‘go to bat’ for his or her team and will put their skillset and knowledge to the test every day they come into work. Finding this type of talent is an incredible feat, but it is necessary to ensure an organization doesn’t begin to diminish, and eventually disappear altogether.
Our team of executive search consultants is not only poised to take on challenges of this caliber, but we have a track record of 50-years combined experience that proves we can deliver candidates that dramatically impact many different types of organizations. Our leadership team has identified and produced strategies that have paved the way for organizations to heavily increase stock price in a short period of time, add transformative members of executive suite who were able to increase company valuation to the point of a buy-out, and identify innumerable individuals prior to their incredibly successful tenures as some of the top C-Suite executives in the world.
Our core leadership group is also continually sought after regarding executive search, succession planning, and overall leadership consultation. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world have called upon our team in order to identify ways in which they can not only continue their success but avoid pitfalls within their verticals and marketplaces.
Our executive search firm has worked rigorously to pioneer the use of hard data, not only executive search but within the recruiting space as a whole. Our data has been collected, curated, and perfected over the past 30 years, resulting in data-based decisions that are backed by algorithmic certainty, as well as knowledge gained only after a successful tenure in the search business.
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After 50 combined years of executing hundreds of successful executive searches, we can say with confidence that Delta Partners knows how to expeditiously identify your next top performer.



The best way to ensure client satisfaction is by repeatedly querying your perceptions of our performance. We have discovered that the more we communicate, the greater our chances of overwhelming you with Performance, Quality and Excellence.



We have two proprietary assessment tools that provide the opportunity to judge our performance in its entirety, share insights and, when appropriate, offer criticism or praise.



We have spent years perfecting searches in the following industries: Industrial, Manufacturing & Distribution; Engineering, Construction & Environmental; Professional Services; Technology, Data & IoT and many more.



Our data includes information regarding placements, candidates, and overall success. We use this data to inform our best practices, as well as where we make overall adjustments to the executive search process.



Unlike other industry behemoths mired down in bureaucracy and “hands-off” issues, Delta Partners is a flexible firm able to swiftly adapt to the needs of each individual search. Our positioning allows us maximum access with minimum restrictions.



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